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20+ years experience of Eureka Financial Services

Your Trusted Insurance and Mortgage Partner in New Zealand

At Eureka Financial Services, we are proud to have built strong, long-term relationships with all major insurers in New Zealand, to ensure that the insurance solutions they provide are tailored to your specific needs and circumstances.

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At Eureka Financial we're proud  of our award winning services

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Eureka Financial Services

Eureka is one of Auckland’s top rated financial advisors. We have an excellent long-term relationship with all major insurers to ensure that when they provide you with an insurance solution, it’s formulated for your circumstances.

Personal risk insurance ensures financial stability for you in the event of you dying or becoming permanently disabled.
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Trauma Cover
Recovering from a serious illness, injury or medical procedure takes time. Trauma Recovery Insurance provides you with a lump sum payment.
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Life Cover will ensure that in the event of your untimely death one a lump sum payment will be available to your loved ones.
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Income Protection
Your income is often your biggest asset, and losing it can turn life upside down. We can protect you.
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Mortgage Protection
In the event you are unable to work Mortgage Protection cover can provide you peace of mind and protect your asset.
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Total Permanent
Disablement is life changing. Total and Permanent Disablement Insurance can provide you with a financial injection.
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Mortgages Finance Solutions
First Home Loans
Empowering first-time home buyers with tailored new home loans and mortgage solutions.
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Unlock your real estate investment potential with our tailored mortgage solutions for investment properties.
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Discover flexible and cost-effective refinancing options to streamline your property purchase journey.
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Construction Mortgaging in NZ
Explore our range of financing solutions designed to support your property construction projects from start to finish.
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About Us

Eureka is one of Auckland’s top rated financial advisors. We have an excellent long-term relationship with all major insurers to ensure that when they provide you with an insurance solution, it’s formulated for your circumstances.

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Eureka has an excellent long term relationship with all major insurers and ensure that when they provide you with an insurance solution that it is formulated for your circumstances.

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Partners Life New Zealand

Our Mortgage Partners

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How Our Clients Rate Us

  • We are so grateful that Sam came in our life. We had no idea about our Insurance, with coverage that was very shallow. Wish Sam's help we not just got a great cover but are now getting a $50,000 Trauma Claim towards my wife's Critical illness.

    James Jackson
    (South Auckland)
  • Shilpy and Sam are too good at their Job and have been very instrumental in saving us at least $300,000 towards are financial costs. They both are one stop Shop for all our financial needs. Thanks a lot to them.

    Suresh Kumar
  • We highly recommend Eureka to all the friends, family and the entire community for an excellent customer service and genuine advise.
    Staffin Matthew
    (The Gardens)
  • Sam is very good at his Job. He treats us like their own Family. At every occasion when we needed him, he was there. And now he looks after our entire family. We really vouch for his integrity and wisdom.
    Trevor & Belinda
    (Goodwood Heights)
  • Too good to be true, is what we used to think when Sam advised about certain covers that we had no idea about, until we had to lodge a claim. We were rescued in a troubled time with all the credit going to him. Had he not advised us correctly in time, we could have been in trouble. We thank him time and again.
    Anand & Geeta
  • Sam was so friendly and easy to liaise with right from our first meeting. Originally from Japan, we had limited knowledge of New zealand Insurance. He advised us very simply and with great detail that we now can be very assured of our coverage. The Admin staff at Eureka are extremely helpful and caring. Highly recommended!
    Hitoshi Chida
  • We got our cover through Sam when we were in Auckland. Until we were there, he had been very helpful and prompt with his customer service. Even when we moved to Australia, we decided to have our cover still in New Zealand, purely because of his constant support even though we are here. And we are in regular touch even though we are countries apart.
    Sunny and Joslyn
  • We really thank Eureka for their constant support and for their valued advise. Absolutely pleased with their professionalism and humble attitude.
    Albert Sanico
  • We would like to thank and appreciate the hard work of Shilpy and Sam, who really helped us in our challenging times. We had a little tough time with our mortgages and debts. Thanks to their amazing advise on our Mortgage and the structuring of our loans, we are now at peace and life is back to normal. They are very good in the field of Mortgages.
    (Mt. Albert)
  • Shilpy and Sam are an excellent team. They are sharp, caring and extremely social. Since we have connected with them, it has been no different than meeting our family. While they are great in what they do, it is also rewarding to have them as our family friends. Absolute delight to meet both of them.
    Paul Golubovich
  • We are absolutely honoured to share our views for Eureka. The entire team at Eureka are very helpful and caring. Through their advise we learnt a lot and fell well protected against all adversities.
    Raj Gomber
    (Blockhouse Bay)

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