Eureka recommends Asteron as they have been awarded an A+ (Superior) Financial Strength rating.

Asteron have been helping Kiwis for quite some time – with their roots tracing back all the way to 1878. Most Kiwis will have known Asteron originally as Royal and Sun Alliance. They pride themselves on not being what you’d normally expect from a life insurance company.

Asteron focus on the positive – it’s all about grabbing life with both hands, laughing till your sides hurt. Climbing a mountain or starting a family. It’s seizing your chances. And simply loving what you’re doing. Whatever you’re doing.

To Asteron, life insurance is all about getting the most out of today - knowing that if things go wrong, you’ve got plans in place.

They are also an important part of Suncorp New Zealand, a leading general and life insurance provider. Suncorp New Zealand is part of Suncorp Group, which has over 9 million customers and A$96 billion in assets. Good to know when it comes to claims time.

Working closely with impartial advisers, they look after your best interest every step of the way. Last year they paid $55 million in claims. You can trust Asteron to be there for you when it counts.

Knowing this information gives you much needed confidence in economically uncertain times.