Eureka has been well known for its Integrity and good reputation in the Community. The entire team is fully focused towards the existing and new clients in order to serve them with all honesty through a respectful approach.

The advisers at Eureka are award-winning and are well reputed for their expertise and offering quality advise which is fully customised for all the clients based on their requirements and budget.

Financial advisers are required to be registered and are qualified to assist you with financial decision making. They help you work out what cover you need and can show you ways different policies can work together. If you haven’t got an adviser, we can help you in your area and organise for them to contact you.

Before you sit down to talk, your adviser will give you their disclosure statement. This statement will detail their qualifications, how he/she is paid and any other important information about them and their business. If they don't give it to you, you can ask for it free of charge.

For insurance products, you’ll want to check that your adviser is a Registered or Authorised Financial Adviser.

Products you can buy directly tend to be one-size-fits-all, whereas adviser-based products are customised to you.

We’d encourage you to talk to a financial adviser who can help you make an informed decision. If you haven’t got an adviser, we can help you in your area and organise for them to contact you.

We have a range of products with options that allow you and your financial adviser to tailor your insurance to your needs and budget.

Talk to your adviser today to get a no obligation quote.

Smokers pay a higher premium than non-smokers. This is because the risk of a smoker dying or becoming ill is statistically higher than that of a non-smoker.

If you start a policy as a smoker and then give up for at least a year, you can send us a smoking update form and apply to have your premiums reduced.

If you start a policy as a non-smoker and then start smoking, your premiums do not change because of that. It's important to be honest about your smoking habits, as incorrect information can affect any claim you might make.

Your adviser will step you through the application process, but generally you will need to provide your name, contact details, occupation, how you want to pay, and information about your health and lifestyle. For some types of cover, like Income Protection, we will also need some financial information and evidence.

To make things even easier, in some situations you can use our express telephone service to go through the health questions, with someone from our specialist underwriting team instead of filling in the application form.

We can offer you insurance for Life, Accidental Death, Trauma Recovery, Cancer, Total and Permanent Disability, Income Protection, Mortgage and Rent, Business Expenses, Business Disability, and Farmers Disability. See an overview of our products here.

Our policies can work together or stand-alone. To get the right mix of cover for you and your family, we recommend you talk with your adviser. That’s what they’re there for.

In many cases we can still offer you cover even if you have an existing condition. We may need to exclude that condition from your policy or increase your premium so it can be included.

Talk to your adviser and they can help you find out what cover you can have.

Yes, you can own a policy to insure another person. The insured person will need to complete an application form to be assessed for cover.

Talk to your adviser and they can help you find out exactly what cover you can have.

If you haven’t got an adviser, we can help you find a financial adviser in your area and organise for them to contact you.

The way you structure your premiums has a big impact on how much they change. Ask us about Level and Stepped premiums and discuss which premium structure might work best for you.

To calculate your premium we look at your age, gender, smoking status and medical history. For some cover we might also consider your income, occupation and lifestyle choices.

This gives us an overall picture of what the risks are for you and along with what type of cover you have, this allows us to calculate your premium.

Our Partners

Eureka has an excellent long term relationship with all major insurers and ensure that when they provide you with an insurance solution that it is formulated for your circumstances.

Here you can see our insurance plans that include individual group and Business plan.

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