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Your income is often your biggest asset and losing it can turn life upside down. If you’re unable to work—either temporarily or permanently—because you’re sick or injured, Income Protection Insurance will provide you with money to live on as a monthly payment while you’re not receiving your salary or wage.

Income Protection Insurance benefits include:

Pays you a monthly benefit if you’re unable to work because of illness or injury.
Helps you with your rehabilitation and retraining costs
Pays you a monthly benefit if you suffer the same sickness or disability within a year
Pays you a bonus benefit if you are able to return to work
It will pay for a nurse or family member to look after you at home for up to 6 months
Pays for your family to be with you if they live more than 100km away
Allows you to claim again if you suffer a related sickness or injury
Pays you a monthly benefit if you are disabled due to an elective surgery
Pays you a monthly benefit if you are disabled while overseas
It will reimburse your family up to three times the monthly benefit for your funeral costs if you die
Helps with the cost of professional grief support to cope with sudden changes.
Reimburse you and one support person for travel back to New Zealand if disabled overseas
It will pay your premiums if you become pregnant

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Eureka has an excellent long term relationship with all major insurers and ensure that when they provide you with an insurance solution that it is formulated for your circumstances.

Here you can see our insurance plans that include individual group and Business plan.

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